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Pauletta Ross Burleson Gunned Down by Son-In-Law on Husband’s Orders

(Houston, May 18, 2010) Pauletta Ross Burleson had known her husband, Tracy Bernard Burleson, was cheating on her for quite a while.  She’d even told a few friends.   It was that dreadful woman, Tyonne Marie Palmer-Pollard.   Pauletta saw the way her husband looked at her.  Pauletta even noticed her step-son, William Darnell Fuller, falling susceptible to the same lust as his father.  Now Pauletta stood facing her husband in their kitchen, both of them yelling.  The neighbors probably could hear, but neither showed any signs of letting up.  The truth was out, and both of them knew it.  As the argument went on, Pauletta saw Tracy become more agitated.  He paced around the room, even pulling out a cell phone at one point and hitting some keys as he continued to defend his secret relationship.

And then the door opened.  Tracy’s son William walked in and looked at Pauletta with a stern expression.  Tracy yelled to “Do it!” and walked off to another room.  Pauletta looked after him as he walked away, and then turned to her step-son.  Her heart dropped as she saw him holding a gun in his right hand.  His hand shook slightly until he brought his left hand to the handle to steady himself.  Even then, Pauletta could see the gun sway slightly under his intense grip.  The veins in William’s hands bulged slightly.  She cried out to him, asking him what he was doing.  William’s lips pursed tightly, not saying a word.

Once she was able to wrap her mind around the threat, Pauletta turned to run.  In the cramped space of the kitchen there wasn’t really anywhere to go.  She moved towards the sink and then switched directions, hoping to confuse her step-son turned attacker.  His eyes followed her carefully.  Seeing it as her only choice, Pauletta sprinted towards the door, and simultaneously towards William who was in front of her exit.  With a deafening bang she was launched backwards, hitting the floor.

Pauletta looked up at William as she exerted herself to breath a hundred little breaths in the seconds she had left.  She didn’t feel the pain, just the shock and the cold.  She thought she detected fear in his face, too.  The image of William began to blur and fade away.  Pauletta was very tired.  She closed her eyes.

William ran away with the gun in hand and left the house.  When the police arrived, Tracy said he had left the house to go get a snack and came back to find his wife dead.  Tyonne helped to conceal the weapon.  William was eventually arrested for the shooting, but when the hearings began he claimed that Tracy had paid him to do it.  Tyonne was also arrested for tampering with evidence and concealing a weapon.  She had had relationships with Tracy and William simultaneously, and it is suspected that the love triangle between the three of them may have been part of the impetus behind the shooting itself.  Tracy Bernard Burleson, a pastor, now faces the charges for the murder of his wife.

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